*NEXT* 26-29 OctoberCCI1*-Intro, CCI2*-S, CCI3*-S, CCI4*-S

Weekend October 26th-29th *Subject to change

Wednesday October 25th

15.00- 18.00 Opening Stables

Thursday October 26th

09.00- 18.00 Opening Stables


CCI1*-Intro Dressage

CCI3-S Dressage 

Friday October 27th

08.00- 10.00 Arrival horses


CCI2-S Dressage

CCI4-S Dressage

CCI1*-Intro Jumping (in case of many participants)

Evening *Outdoor Horst Barbecue*

Saturday October 28th 

12.00 hrs Cross country CCI1*-Intro (in case of many participants)

Following ceremonie protocollair CCI1*-Intro

CCI2-S Jumping

CCI3-S Jumping

CCI4-S Jumping

Sunday October 29th 

08:30 Cross country -CCI3*S- CCI4*S- CCI2*S- 

Following last XC class: Ceremonie protocollair CCI2-S, CCI3-S, CCI4-S